Product design engineering is an art form, using science and technology as a medium to solve a problem or provide a specific benefit in a way that integrates painlessly and usefully into product users’ lives.  Well-designed products enrich our lives and make our businesses successful.  

Creative Spark Engineering is a design engineering consultancy focused on making your business successful through superior product design and thoughtful engineering.  We employ today's best materials, technology, and manufacturing techniques in a multi-discipline, concurrent engineering approach to let your requirements drive the design as much as possible.  Using our extensive experience and thorough understanding and analysis of your requirements, we continuously strive to achieve the optimum balance between cost and benefit, in order to maximize your business’s success.  Whether leading the development of a new product, extending an existing product line, consulting on specific aspects of product design or testing, or simply producing engineering documentation for existing designs, we employ our understanding of the entire product development process to make informed decisions, provide solid guidance, and produce quality documentation.

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-Rodney Sparks, Principal Engineer