What our clients say...

John Chapman Ph.D.
President and Founder - Stem Cell Partners, LLC

"I am delighted to have the opportunity of enthusiastically recommending Creative Spark Engineering to other entrepreneurs. Rodney Sparks, who leads Creative Spark Engineering, has a proven ability to repeatedly take an entrepreneur’s product idea and provide the required engineering to successfully monetize that idea. I know of no other engineer that I would rather have at my side when undertaking such a challenging endeavor. Rodney has the rare capability of quickly grasping a product concept and to improve upon it using his creativity and clarity of thought. He has been regularly named as a joint inventor on several Stem Cell Partner LLC patents, from which the company has been successful in generating revenue. Rodney's strengths are not only in the conception stage of product development, but also in the prototype stage, to allow functionality and market value to be assessed. During the last five years of our working together, I have observed Rodney further extend his company's capabilities in R&D to include medical device development in compliance with the regulatory-mandated quality requirements.  In this wholehearted recommendation, I also want to include a few words about Rodney as a person. I admire Rodney for his character, for his concern for others, for his being a good dad and husband, and for being a great collaborator and friend. I look forward to continuing working with Creative Spark Engineering in the years ahead."

Steve Verdooner
CEO, Director and Founder - Neurovision Imaging, LLC

I am a thirty-year veteran of the medical device industry and have had the pleasure of working with Rodney Sparks these past ten years.  Rodney has a rare combination of product-focused creative problem solving, and a technical acumen to not only support his concepts, but also to deliver on solutions.  While a Mechanical Engineer by training, his skills extend far beyond his foundational educational background.  His ability to understand the big picture and to also address the small details allows for successful outcomes to projects.  Over these ten years, Rodney has been instrumental in moving opto-mechanical / electronic device concepts through the product cycle all the way to manufacturing and commercialization.  His solutions are focused on quality, but always mindful of cost objectives.  Our relationship has not ended, and I continue to enthusiastically work with Rodney now and in the future.